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There are many ways to handle water; each farm and piece of land are different and have there own unique way to handle the circumstance. At Apex Ag we have compiled many different products and solutions to help your farm and land overcome these water issues in a efficient and cost effective manor. With multiply locations we are able to insure that the products are meeting your needs and offer free support for the life of the product.  

We do province wide drainage consulting, surveying, and design 

Consult- We sit down and talk about the water issues that you are having. Then take the time to look at the best way of appproaching the situation.


Survey- We survey the property, surrounding water ways and ditchs with highly accurate RTK GNSS systems. The data readings will help produce a topography map. This topography map will be used to design a drainage system, that is best suited for your land.


Map Processing Options- Topograghy Map, Depressions Map, Flow Routes, Ponding Depths, Tile Feasibility Plan, Full Tile Plans are created from the data collected in the survey. These maps are reveiwd to insure the project will work and a working copy of the data is givin to you to load into your grade controller. All of are tile plans are by Northern Plains Drainage Systems Ltd.'s Simon Knuston who has his Msc. GIS witch qualitfies him to make insured tile plans.


Permits- We fill out and submit all necessary permit paper work that are required on the permit application.

Pipe and Accesories- We can handle all material ordering and delivery. This helps to make sure all needed components are ordered and delivered in a timely fashion.





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