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Surface Drainage

Surface Drainage has been the most common type of drainage approach in Saskatchewan for many year. This is due to its low install cost and quick return on investment.


Consult, Survey & Design a plan that fits your needs.


Equip your equipment with the needed technology to make sure the project is a success.


Support and service the products to make sure you get the full use and life from them.



Ditching Products 

Want a simply to use, low cost grade control system Ditch Assist maybe be what your looking for. Drive the run & Slope-IQ will calculate the least amount of dirt to move based off the settings that you have entered. Ditch Assist runs of an Android Tablet so there is no expensive display and uses external hyd. valve for controlling the machine making it easy to switch between tractors, dithers or to a excavator.

Ditch Assist has now released there very own RTK system. L1, SBAS, GLONASS, BASE, ROVER, & all need accessories and cables to make it for for $6500 CND. There is a very limited supply of these units and need a two month lead time from time of order to delivery so do no wait till last minute to order yours. Do to the lead time we will be asking from 25% down net at delivery.   

With it being built in Canada is not subject to USD exchange rate!

SD Drain is developed by Rust Sales Ltd. in North Dokota. SD Drain was designed and built to be more user friendly, and economical prices then the competitors in this sector. SD Drain uses best fit caluclations to move the least amount of dirt while maxizing the available grade. You can select cut depth so your machine so it will never cut into more dirt then it can handle. Tell you how many yards of cut and fill will be on the ditch, and much more. Can be plugged into electro hdy. or an external vavle.




Rotary Ditcher

Rotary Ditching is one of the fastest, lowest capital cost, low compaction rate and minimal clean up way of ditching. You can use it in anything from standing water to hard clay, rocks, ditch building to ditch cleaning;with three sizes available 42, 60 and 72 inch 3pt. hitch models making it a solution for all sizes of tractors and drainage project.

Pull type model in the works.


60 inch ditcher on 200hp tractor will move more dirt then a 500 hp tractor with a 20 yard scraper per hour with out the clean up. How? 60 inch at 18 inch cuts at 1.5 MPH cut and spreads 500 yards per hour. 20 yard(struck) scraper making a load ever 5 minutes = 240 yards per hour plus clean up. 



Toreq by Steiger Mfg. is one of North America leading scrapers. The scrapers are built by the same family & standards as the original Steiger Tractors! With the ideal cutting angle make these one of the easiest scrapers to load on the market today. In sizes from 6 to 18 yards in direct & dolly configurations there is a scraper to fit your needs. 

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