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Tile Drainage

Tile drainage is has not been common practice in Saskatchewan until the last few years. Why is it growing in popularity? Technology now allows a farmers to do there own tiling, with tile you are not farming through rough ditches or moving topsoil. You create a holding capacity in your soil, control your outlet flow and remove water soluble salts from your soil. 


We work with  Northern Plains Drainage Systems Ltd. to offer the Soil- Max tile equipment line up, and tile drainage services.


Tile Drainage Services


Consult, Survey & Design a plan that fits your needs.


Equip your equipment with the needed techonogly to make sure the project is a success.


Support and service the products to make sure you get the full use and life from them.

What do I need to tile? What do I need know about tiling? Click on the Northern Plains Drainage logo above and it will direct you to there website with many of answers to the questions that you may have. 

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